We are a co-educational, residential school (ICSE Syllabus), nestled in an enchanting valley in South India. We believe education is founded upon the acquisition of core skills and knowledge taught through integrated experiences. In every area, we stress on critical thinking and an open approach to explore diverse dimensions.


We are committed to providing an environment conducive to the in-depth exploration of knowledge. Each student is encouraged to think critically, creatively and independently to achieve academic and personal goals; to celebrate his or her cultural roots while embracing a global perspective.

The Peepal grove school


We strive to provide an ecosystem for students to
explore and expand their inherent potential, organically.














  • Gowri Rekha (2012-2014)

    Pursuing a BA in English Literature from Stella Maris College, Chennai.

    “The best thing about PGS, for me, is that it’s always there, literally and metaphorically speaking. For me, it’s a symbol of stability, a place I know I can go back to. It was when I was there that I decided Literature was what I would pursue and it was from there I received most encouragement to support this decision. It’s also not a traditional institute with rules set in stone, endorsing hypocrisy and such; I love that. Since I’ve spent most of my schooling years and now my college years in institutions that encourage sameness, uniforms, ID cards, identification by roll number etc….I can now say, on looking back that PGS encourages the growth of its students through diversity.

  • Gauri Kashyap (2007-2014)

    Pursuing BA-LLB from Christ University, Bengaluru

    Seven years of being amidst the trees, hills, and people of PGS has been an incredible journey. Even today, in moments of nostalgia I think about the silent stargazing sessions in the open ground; exhilarating hours at the sports field; lazy Sunday afternoons, countless hours put into plays, projects and the art block; noisy classrooms filled with laughter and unending questions about everything; poetry, music and the sunsets.
    It is in PGS – over long hours of discussions and debates about the human mind, morality and other perplexing yet beautiful ideas, that I found my interest for Law. It was teachers at PGS that pushed us to ask our first questions. Every analysis was followed by a “why” that led to a relentless pursuit of an answer to find a root cause/logic. I wouldn’t be lying if I said that PGS is the reason I’m able to stay grounded amidst the furious currents of the metropolis I live in today. PGS will always be my home – and its people, my family. I will always want to go there, run to the library, pick up a book and climb a tree to spend a blissful evening in the breeze.

  • T N Pranav Reddy (2009-2014)

    Pursuing a B.Tech (Mech) at PES University, Bengaluru

    If only I could spend my entire life in PGS. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. The atmosphere in PGS is so conducive to anything we want to excel in. There was incredible support from our teachers who had infinite patience to sit down and talk to us even after school hours. If only you knew, if only you could even imagine what a place this is.

  • Vandana Reddy (2008-2014)

    Pursuing a BBA at St Josephs College of Commerce, Bengaluru

    Growing up in PGS made me an independent and confident person. PGS has given me lovely memories and experiences to hold onto. My best memories include singing beautiful ragas with the Music Teacher and working for the cultural programme. The Onam dance and Dandiya dance on Diwali are also some fun memories. PGS has taught me a lot. It has paved the path for new learning for me and thus I am grateful to have been a part of PGS!

  • Samyukta Sankaran (2012-2014)

    Pursuing an MBBS from NITTE University, Mangaluru

    Beaming faces; beckoning hills; those teeny weenie red and black seeds; lazy Sunday breakfasts – the list could go on! The most vivid memory of all is a feeling of belonging. We all knew each other. We all smiled in greeting, it was our little bubble! Initially, when I was new to the place, I realized a new found freedom. Often, in schools, students are drawn to think in a certain way when an essay topic is given to them. In other schools, I used to often mirror my teachers thoughts. Or even Google it up. What if what I thought was wrong…or unacceptable? So, I stopped thinking. But in PGS, I found my own ideas – many right, many wrong. Without the exposure PGS gave us all, we would probably succumb to the tiniest of things. It has instilled an air of confidence in us all and this has helped me immensely in medical school.

  • Maithilee Jadeja (2006-2014)

    Pursuing an Undergraduate Degree in Global Studies at Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan

    Sunshine. Wind. Mangoes. Oh, and sugarcane. And the cows, and guinea fowls sitting atop them. Chewing on the end of long grass while trekking, and running races, and skipping about from day to day between lime juice drinks. Red soil, (and red socks) and sandy pathways, and occasionally, fireflies, and purple wild flowers crowded with butterflies. Teachers who would sometimes cycle, or go for walks into the hills, at times with a pet.

    I’d chanced upon something in a local magazine once, and the words went something like this:
    “…I had the mute sense of big tears in the heart and a conviction that having seen what I had seen I could not possibly die!” Time and again, have I felt this in my life at PGS. And that would be my summary of what PGS has left me with, even if I forget sometimes. I treasure every, single, experience I have had at the bright beautiful place on earth that Peepal Grove is.

  • Sreelakshmi Sudhakaran (2007 – 2012)

    Completed a BA Degree in Psychology from Christ University, and is currently employed as a teacher at The Valley School in Bangalore.
    Future Plans: She is looking to do her Masters in Social Psychology from the U.S.

    “PGS taught me to question, to inquire, and constantly reflect on what is important to me, and what actually makes me happy. Another equally important thought that I took away from school was that of being inclusive and non-judgmental. That, along with being encouraged to learn rather than study, being encouraged to be curious, being encouraged to not take anything for granted or at face value, is something that PGS has deeply instilled in me.”

  • Vivek G (2008-2010)

    Pursuing a Masters Degree at Azim Premji University, Bengaluru

    The most important thing that PGS has done is, it has strengthened my fundamentals. I learnt life skills like making friends and communicating with people from diverse backgrounds. I learnt that to be truly confident is to be honest and humble. If one has these characteristics then one can learn anything at any time, however if someone gained only academic knowledge without these basic traits, then the person might be uncomfortable outside his purview of intelligence. In simple terms, like the Principal once said, “It is learning to learn”.
    I am indebted forever that the school gave me the space to figure out these basics by myself, through the daily interactions, the meetings, sports and so on. The kind of trust that the school had on us encouraged us to be responsible citizens of the school. Everyone in the school were citizens of that place with equality, the students had a say in the rules of the school, I could question the teachers and their actions without the fear of being dismissed, everyone looked out for one another. It was a very organic way of life, we weren’t in a hurry to be the first in the race. I learnt to slow down enough to be able to smile at people, care for others and look out for other living beings.
    On the whole PGS helped me move towards a complete life rather than just an academic life. Swami Vivekananda asked “If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?.”
    PGS has sowed the seeds of such strength and confidence in me.