Apart from adequate qualifications, our teachers demonstrate a passion for their subject. They are oriented to use a variety of methodologies to cater to different learning styles and to enable deep learning. While the teachers are from different backgrounds themselves, they have found common ground in the school’s vision of education for children wherein they have the space to question, change and grow.

Recent Blog Posts

Fail the method, not the child

It was John Holt who famously said, "fail the method, not the child", back in the 1970s. However, this seems so difficult in practice. When we say 'fail' it doesn't necessarily mean a failure at an examination or at the end of an academic year. Often one finds that a...

River Ganga | Saving India’s Lifeline

Over the past few years, I have been deeply concerned at the monumental environmental threats faced by the Himalayas and, Ganga in particular. These two have remained our cultural icons since times immemorial. Despite its haloed status, it is today the world’s fifth...

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