A Few Random Thoughts That Formed A Word, A Sentence, And Soon A Whole Essay!

I realized, well I keep realizing, that it’s been more than a year since I’ve joined PGS. And out of the not-so-many students we have, there are a lot of people who I don’t know at all except by name and class. Sure we all say hi to each other, and smile, and probably have sat with everyone at least a few times during meals. But how well do we know the other?

 Not well at all, I’d say. Even those who I sit with and talk to regularly can surprise me still. And now I realize, well I keep realizing this too, that the next term here will be my last term here. And I won’t see most of these familiar faces probably ever again. And then I start to think: Hey I’ve been here only for a few months. What about those who’ve been here for almost their whole life (like a few of my classmates who’ve been here for 7-8 years- phew, that’s a lot!)?

 Now with all those exams coming up, we’ll all be on our toes next term (or so I hope). Though we probably will, as we always do, chat and have fun. But it will be moderately less as our teachers and house-parents will make sure that we don’t waste our time. But is it really a waste? Getting to know another amazing, probably bugging and probably totally crazy person? I wouldn’t agree (though of course I don’t mean we should ignore our studies and just socialize and have fun). I mean think of the bonds we’ve made here at PGS, I’m sure some of us have made bonds that will last beyond school life. And isn’t that great? Imagine talking to that friend you’ve known for oh so many years and reliving all your young misdemeanors and laughing when you’re older.

 Imagine being invited to one of the weddings of your friend’s who’d said they’d never get married, ah, that satisfied feeling of being able to say “I told you so,” to them. Imagine seeing one of your friends faces on the newspaper for winning a Nobel prize for, oh I don’t know, Peace or Physics or something! And so many more things…One of my friends recently asked me “would you give up these two years in PGS for anything?”

 And even though sometimes, when I’m in a really bad mood, I’d probably say yes; honestly, I don’t think I’d give up even a year out of these two.

 Gowri. (A class XII Student of The Peepal Grove School (PGS) – An alternative boarding school in india)

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