If I Believe

I’m not going to stop till I touch the skies,
I’m reaching for the stars, all set to fly.

Dreaming big each night and day,
If I believe, I can catch the sun rays.

The distance is long, the journey tough,
The hurdles many, and the hardships rough.

But I’ll cross the road blocks and go on my way,
If I believe, I can seize the day.

Words of spite and feelings of guilt,
I wade through many waters, hand on sword hilt.

The words of the world, may destroy my pride,
But if I believe, I will still ride.

Break through the barriers of the grey clouds,
Emerge a hero, hearing the cheering crowds.

Give the enemy a fight for his life,
If I believe, I can clear the strife.

Riding along a black horse of thunder,
Treading carefully the marshes, lest you might flounder.

Walk the honorable path and you will shine,
If I believe, which I do, victory will be mine.

– Sreelakshmi (2009, student of The Peepal Grove School, an alternative boarding school in India)

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